Many are the people in these days whose hearts are filled...

The Christian Science Monitor

Many are the people in these days whose hearts are filled with vague questionings regarding Armageddon. All their years and years of reading of the Scriptures have not enabled them to grasp the metaphysical significance of the great world conflict. They know it to be the greatest war of history, but it is conceded to be a war that is not to be disposed of in the ordinary history book style. More than an international quarrel, the struggle has taken on the nature of a warfare to maintain their faint sense of that divine Principle which has been revealed to men. We say faint, for faint is this sense compared to what the term divine Principle means and includes; but faint as the sense of right may seem to be, it is the strongest power in the world to-day and has brought and held the nations in line for long years that the human sense of freedom and liberty might not be wiped from off the earth.

Christian Science is in the world to-day to answer the questions raised by troublous times. And this Science does not go outside the teachings of the Holy Bible to give its students a reason for the hope that is in them. Their joy that the world is coming on to a higher plane of thinking and demonstration is not misplaced, not a blind ignoring of the horrors of the war, for they know as well as other people the heart-breakings and the agonies, the unavailing prayers and the cruel wrongs, that are part and parcel of the prosecution of a war. Christian Science supplies the vision, however, which discerns the spiritual reality beyond the material unreality, demonstrating here and now that God's universe is not the material and warring one, but has ever known and will ever know the peace that passeth understanding. In this real, spiritual universe, man really lives and moves and has his being. Christian Science teaches the triumph of Truth over error, and no night of discord, be it ever so long, can conceal forever the dawn of the facts of omnipresent divine Mind.

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