An old soldier writing under the name of "Anti-Charlatan"...

Edmonton Western Veteran

An old soldier writing under the name of "Anti-Charlatan" acknowledges that there is a "small bit of underlying truth" in Christian Science. Fuller investigation would have enabled him to find that there is more of truth in it than he at present sees, and would have saved him from making so many misstatements about this teaching. He speaks with evident appreciation of the new view of life and death that the boys in the trenches are gaining. The interesting part of it is that the soldiers are gaining in a degree what Christian Science has been teaching on this subject for the past fifty years. Christian Science teaches that real Life is indestructible, continuous, immortal, eternal. Those who pass from our sight do not go to "nothingness," but live on with enlarged opportunities for a fuller enjoyment of life. It is a well-known fact that Christian Science is proving of great benefit to soldiers in active service, and this fact is freely acknowledged by many who are not Christian Scientists. Even though there are Christian Scientists who have passed "through the valley of the shadow," this does not lessen the value of this practical teaching. Much less does it furnish occasion for criticism. The times demand that all shall do their part, whether they be Christian Scientists or not.

The critic makes some slighting remarks about Christian Science practitioners. Apparently he does not know of the extent to which Christian Science practitioners have been and still are helping the boys in active service, and this, too, "without money and without price." Mrs. Eddy writes in the Manual of The Mother Church (Art. VIII, Sect. 22): "A Christian Scientist is a humanitarian; he is benevolent, forgiving, long-suffering, and seeks to overcome evil with good." It is certainly desirable, as the critic indicates, that the returned soldiers should have an opportunity to know the truth about Christian Science. Many of them are receiving it before they return; others are being prepared to receive it after they get home. The main need, however, is that they and all others should be allowed to consider the teaching of Christian Science as it actually is.

January 25, 1919

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