I am sending my testimony, which means a great deal to...

I am sending my testimony, which means a great deal to me, and it may help some others who are in the same condition. It is such a wonderful privilege as well as a pleasure to feel we can turn to and depend on something higher and better than material things for physical relief. I am so grateful for the benefits I have received both spiritually and physically since I have taken up the study of metaphysical healing. I want to tell one of the benefits received. It may seem small to some, but it is wonderful to me and to my husband. It may help some one who is seeking for light and health as I had been for over nine years. During that time I had been an almost constant sufferer from so-called bilious and nervous sick headaches, sick stomach, and backache until at times I could hardly stand up straight. I had consulted the leading surgeons and physicians in Philadelphia, Trenton, and Altoona. I had two surgical operations and numbers of local treatments, and all the doctors told me the same things—that they had done everything they could for me and given me every kind of medicine they knew of for such a condition as I was in—and all of no avail. The thing they at last resorted to was a hypodermic, which only seemed to aggravate my case, and the after effects would last two or three days; in one instance it caused an abscess on my arm which lasted three months, and during part of the time I was delirious with pain.

I also have had several other beautiful demonstrations this winter. I had suffered from frosted feet every winter for seventeen years; and as soon as the error manifested itself this year, I declared the truth, and my feet were cured in two days. While I had heard of Christian Science some time before, yet I only took up the study in earnest in August, 1916, and since September the same year I have not gone to any doctor or taken medicine of any kind, and have entirely done away with all medicine (of which I had a goodly supply) in our home.

I am more thankful than I can express for the wonderful spiritual uplift as well as the healing. My husband and I read the Lesson-Sermon every morning before he goes to business, which gives us both spiritual food for the day.

Testimony of Healing
In the fall of 1906 I heard of Christian Science through...
July 27, 1918

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