The reference to the Christian Science textbook and to...

Railroad Men

The reference to the Christian Science textbook and to its author, Mrs. Eddy, in connection with the Russellites and the International Bible Students Association in your May issue seems quite unwarranted and equally unjustifiable. To a very large and rapidly growing number of earnest people the Christian Science textbook is a veritable key to the Bible by means of which spiritual understanding of the Scriptures has been gained,—an understanding which enhances faith in God to complete reliance upon Him as ever present good, a power immanent and available to heal and save under whatsoever conditions of peril or disaster, and to destroy both sin and disease. To these faithful students of the Bible there has been revealed through this textbook the knowledge of the healing truth which Jesus declared, as the assured result of continuance in his word, "shall make you free."

That Christian Science teaching is true is proved to the utmost satisfaction of its followers by its practical application to all the problems of the daily round, healing disease of every type, bringing an uplifting faith, courage to face the road, cheerfulness, and an abiding interest in the welfare of their fellow men. Christian Scientists ask only to be judged by their works, which seems to be the only true basis for righteous judgement; and so judged, it is believed they will not suffer in comparison with any other fellow religionists.

"The Lord looseth the prisoners"
July 27, 1918

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