Christian Science has done so much for me and mine,...

Christian Science has done so much for me and mine, that words can never express my gratitude. For over a year before being healed in Christian Science I suffered from frequent attacks of appendicitis. One of the well-known physicians in San Francisco did all he could to relieve my suffering by prescribing medicine and other material means, but these only gave temporary relief. During an unusually severe attack I was advised to submit to an operation; but I had great fear of operations, so refused to be guided by this advice. I slowly recovered, but was very weak and discouraged. There seemed to be nothing to look forward to but suffering.

I had heard much of Christian Science, but it had been misrepresented to me and I was antagonistic, often speaking of it as a new religion to be guarded against. I had read portions of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," the textbook of Christian Science, but only to criticize it. Nevertheless, "man's extremity is God's opportunity," and when all material means failed to heal me, I turned to God. One day I witnessed an instantaneous healing by Christian Science and then realized that this religion must be the truth. I had become acquainted with a practitioner, and after witnessing this healing, visited her and asked her to tell me something of this religion. Her explanation was so lovingly given that I received the truth and was instantly healed. Just a few statements of truth healed me of the false belief called appendicitis and destroyed for me even the memory of months of suffering. It faded away like a bad dream and I was as one transformed. My old suffering self seemed to vanish, and I had a glimpse of man's real selfhood. I was indeed born anew. I received this healing in November, 1913, and since that time divine Mind has been my only Physician. I began at once to study the textbook, and for me each day was filled with joy, for I knew that God had healed me, and I was beginning my journey from sense to Soul.

July 27, 1918

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