As a child I was brought up in a Christian household

As a child I was brought up in a Christian household. My mother was a very devout woman and had implicit faith in the power of God. She instilled in me a great deal of this faith, but because of not understanding the Science of being, I did not know how to apply this wonderful truth. I never knew much about Christian Science until June, 1914. While staying in the home of some Christian Scientists, I became so interested in the beautiful teachings of this religion that I began to look into it for myself, and went to a practitioner for treatment. There came to me wonderful glimpses of this great truth, but I did not attain a perfect healing at that time.

In June, 1916, while attending summer school, I collapsed. The doctor said it was a nervous breakdown and that I needed rest. After I had rested for two months with no apparent results, I again went to a Christian Science practitioner, and this time became more vigilant with my studying; but I continued to grow worse and could neither eat nor sleep. When pain located in my side I was hurried to a hospital, but the condition had become so complicated that the physicians did not know what to do for it. They tried almost every imaginable kind of medicine and various quieting lotions, but without effect. A consultation of physicians was held, but even then no better results could be obtained. My doctor finally said he could do nothing more for me as my nerves had entirely given out, but that I was young and he hoped the trouble would gradually be outgrown, that if I were ten years older he would not give me any hope at all. He dismissed the case, and I went home.

Testimony of Healing
I am sending my testimony, which means a great deal to...
July 27, 1918

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