In March, 1907, while at business, I had a sudden attack...

In March, 1907, while at business, I had a sudden attack of illness, which was afterwards diagnosed as a nervous breakdown, the result of many years of overstrain due to close and long application to work. There did not appear to be any physical disease except stomach trouble and bilious attacks. The latter had been my constant companions since childhood and I had grown quite used to them. I applied the remedies recommended in medical books, but was relieved only temporarily.

My one great desire was to keep myself fit for an active business career; so when the crash came it filled me with greater fear than formerly, for I was always of a nervous temperament. The help of three doctors was sought (one of them a specialist) and they did their utmost to help me overcome the trying condition of mind which had fastened itself upon me. For seven months I struggled on, sometimes returning to business for a few weeks and then having to remain at home or visit various places in search of change of surroundings. My wife and family were filled with fear and anxiety on my account, but just when I had got into a worse condition my eldest daughter was told of Christian Science and suggested that I try it. I was willing to try anything, so that Sunday evening a friend mentioned the case to a Christian Science practitioner, and the next day I received a telegram inviting me to pay him a visit. This immediately gave me hope, for I thought here was a man wanted to help me at once. I know now that it was an expression of the all-loving Father's watchfulness and willingness to help. After seeing him I came home filled with hope, and quickly returned to business, but treatment was continued for many months.

Testimony of Healing
When Christian Science first came to my notice, it appealed...
December 21, 1918

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