Manifestly our critic is totally unaware of the fact that in...

Birmingham (England) Mercury

Manifestly our critic is totally unaware of the fact that in Christian Science physical healing is an incident naturally resulting from the operation in human consciousness of the understanding of divine Mind, or God. It was the truth about man as created in the image and likeness of God, understood by and therefore operative in the consciousness of Jesus, which enabled him to do the "works" which he referred to as carrying out the will of his Father; and Christian Scientists have learned some little of the fact that just in the degree in which they believe on the Christ, or that consciousness which actuated the fleshly Jesus, they will be able to bring into their own experience the "signs" following compliance with the injunctions contained in the closing verses of the last chapter of St. Mark's gospel. This is letting that Mind be in them "which was also in Christ Jesus," whose remedy was always divine Mind.

Because the critics have not understood the operation of divine Mind in all Jesus' teachings and practice, they fail to appreciate the real factor in the case cited by our critic,—the restoration of sight to the blind man, as recorded in the ninth chapter of John. It does not seem to have occurred to them that if Jesus had attributed any healing property to the clay upon which he spat, such a method would have been honored in some degree in his other recorded cases of restoration of sight. Further, they would seem not to have observed the possibility of significance attaching to the fact that he who had been blind "came seeing," after obeying the injunction to wash away the clay which Jesus had spat upon. We can all wash away more of the tendency to make idols of the material, with the consequent happy result that we shall see more of the real purport of Christ Jesus' teachings and practice.

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