A correspondent in speaking of my reply to a former...

Ohio State Journal

A correspondent in speaking of my reply to a former criticism says, "I cannot understand why he and others are not willing that the teachings of Christian Science shall stand on their merits and not be propped up by misinterpretations of the teachings of Christ." This is exactly what Christian Scientists are willing to do.

Professing Christians of all denominations need to exercise that Christian virtue called charity. If the Methodists and Baptists fully agreed on all points there would not be two separate denominations. If the Presbyterians were a unit on all doctrinal points with the Methodists and Baptists we would have one denomination instead of three; and so we might continue. Different denominations imply different points of view regarding the Scriptures. The golden rule practised would certainly mean a charitable consideration of others' views, and Christian Scientists are willing that all people should follow their highest sense of right. Our periodicals never speak unkindly or disrespectfully of other denominations.

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