An article dated at New York City and entitled "Medical Magic Still Believed,"...

Indianapolis (Ind.) Star

An article dated at New York City and entitled "Medical Magic Still Believed," appeared in your paper recently, and in the discussion was this statement: "What else is all this but another application of the power of a stronger mind over a weaker one, as taught by our Christian Science friends?" The author who made this statement, while probably not unfriendly to Christian Science, is not informed as to the opposite natures of divine metaphysics and ordinary metaphysics.

Metaphysics as taught in the schools, such as suggestion, mesmerism, hypnotism, and the like, is based on the unscriptural hypothesis that man exists apart from God; that man is controlled and governed by conflicting laws; that there is an evil creator opposed to divine Mind; and that the works of this evil one are as powerful, or more powerful, than the works of God. Material metaphysics teaches further that man has a material, mortal mind; that one human mind influences and controls another, and the whole erroneous theory is a "kingdom divided against itself," which according to Scriptural teaching cannot stand. Those informed in the teachings and practice of Christian Science understand that Mrs. Eddy throughout her writings condemned this theory as the total of all evil.

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