One Governing Intelligence

At an annual meeting of The Mother Church one of its officers in the course of his report urged the constant recognition by Christian Scientists of the fact that there is in reality only one director of The Mother Church activities; meaning, of course, that divine Principle is the one intelligence upon which the movement is dependent for guidance. The understanding that there is one divine intelligence is very helpful in any situation in which a human being may be placed, and may assist especially in arriving at a correct conception of how the Christian Science movement is advanced. The rapid development of the cause early made it necessary for the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mrs. Eddy, to place the church affairs in the hands of a responsible governing body. Hence she instituted The Christian Science Board of Directors, doubtless having observed that this system of efficient management of large affairs had been tested out with conspicuous success in the modern business world.

The Christian Science cause, however, having as its object the bringing of true salvation, or demonstrable Christianity, to the whole world, is not to be thought of in the same category as an ordinary business corporation formed for gain. While the policy of a business firm may vary according to the changing views of its management, Christian Science is based upon a demonstrable Principle, upon God Himself, and includes within itself every rule needed for its demonstration. In other words, there is one perfect intelligence to be exemplified in Christian Science, the divine Principle, or Mind, and the followers of Principle, whatever their position or problem may be, have only to square their actions with this supreme governing intelligence to be in accord with all other correct demonstrators of Principle. On page 265 of "Miscellaneous Writings" Mrs. Eddy says: "Diverse opinions in Science are stultifying. All must have one Principle and the same rule; and all who follow the Principle and rule have but one opinion of it."

A Mother's Experience
December 22, 1917

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