The report of the Boy Scouts' first day in camp stated...

Logansport (Ind.) Tribune

The report of the Boy Scouts' first day in camp stated that several patients were treated in the Red Cross hospital "by a combination of Christian Science and horse liniment." This statement undoubtedly was intended as a jest, and a Christian Scientist can enjoy a joke at his own expense; but he sees in the seemingly harmless statement a danger of increasing an already too common misconception of what, to him, is a thing of the greatest importance,—the salvation of mankind from sin, sickness, and death.

The practice of Christian Science is not ignoring discord and doing nothing, nor is it a combination of mental effort and material drugging; it is rather a very active and Christianly scientific endeavor to know the truth, just as the great Teacher, Christ Jesus, commanded. The Christian Scientist relies wholly on the operation of spiritual law, which is brought into operation through prayer, just as did he. Through this radical reliance on God, Christian Science is healing all manner of disease, sin, and discord.

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