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Secretary Houston of the United States department of agriculture has just announced the plan to be pursued in spending the $10,000,000 appropriated by the Federal aid road act for the construction and maintenance of roads and trails within or partly within national forests, and has tentatively allotted among the various national forest states the $1,000,000 which can be expended this fiscal year. The tentative allotments to the principal national forest states are as follows: Alaska, $46,280; Arizona, $59,795; Arkansas, $11,294; California, $140,763; Colorado, $62,335; Idaho, $108,010; Montana, $69,901; Nevada, $19,195; New Mexico, $42,622; Oregon, $127,794; South Dakota, $8115; Utah, $40,982; Washington, $91,739; Wyoming, $40,566. In addition, a total of $9552 has been tentatively assigned to Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Oklahoma, while the eastern states,—Maine, New Hampshire, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia,—in which the Government is purchasing lands for national forests, have been allotted $21,057.

One of the ranking industries of Spain is the cultivation of cork and the manufacture of cork goods. The raw material comes chiefly from Andalusia, Extremadura, and Catalonia, while the manufacture of cork goods is centered in Catalonia. The success of the manufacturer depends largely on his capacity to utilize all of the cork to the best advantage, and in Catalonia the machinery used is of high perfection. Besides bottle stoppers, cork discs, floaters for fish nets, and life-preservers, other articles are now being made of cork, such as hats for the gendarmerie of Spain, and three-cornered military hats. Cork waste is utilized in the manufacture of linoleum, an industry as yet not well developed in Spain, and accordingly much cork waste is exported. Cork in sheets and planks is made for building and floor coverings. Cork paper is an important branch of manufacture and is exported in large quantities. Fifty thousand metric tons is a conservative figure of the amount of cork produced in Spain annually. The industry affords employment to some thirty thousand operatives.

In Love with the Truth
September 9, 1916

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