Love's Protecting Power

WHILE Christian Scientists are always grateful for the relief from inharmonious conditions which comes to them through their application of metaphysical treatment to physical disease, it is a question well worth considering whether we are always equally appreciative of that divine protection which in times of danger prevents these inharmonious conditions from manifesting themselves. For instance, after a so-called epidemic has swept the country, visiting perhaps house after house on our very street but leaving our own home untouched, do we always gratefully acknowledge that our immunity lay in our understanding of God and of His perfect laws, or do we carelessly go on our way, glad of course because we are well, but—perhaps unconsciously—holding to the thought that "it just happened so."

Christian Science teaches that nothing just happens so. There is always a reason for everything. There is always a cause back of every effect, and although we do not always recognize this cause as wholly mental, this does not in the slightest degree alter the fact. It does not just happen that "the pestilence that walketh in darkness" enters into some houses and not into others. It goes where it finds the door open. It enters because it can. It is looking for a congenial mental atmosphere to invite its coming and upon which it may thrive and grow. The Christian Scientist keeps it out because he has learned how. He shuts it out by right thinking. He guards the entrance to his mental home, and when this is done he knows that his material home, so called, will take care of itself.

Sorrow Overcome
August 19, 1916

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