Your account of a professor's lecture on archaeology in...

Syracuse (N. Y.) Post—Standard

Your account of a professor's lecture on archaeology in Lyman Hall, Syracuse University, makes him state in effect that many of the inscriptions unearthed at Epidaurus "sound strangely similar to the writing of Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy;" that wonderful healings are described on the inscriptions unearthed, and so on.

Inasmuch as the teachings of Jesus and Christian Science are identical, and inasmuch as Jesus said he came to fulfil the law, it must have been the same laws of God which enabled both the ancient Hebrew prophets and Jesus to do their wonderful works, and it would not be at all strange, therefore, if other ancients also knew something of God's laws of healing. The Bible tells us that God is "the same yesterday, and today, and forever," and likewise His laws are unchangeable. Everybody knows that two plus two would equal four in any age, ancient or modern. Whether or not the unearthed inscriptions referred to by the professor are really like Christian Science teaching, or anything like it, I cannot say, but the fact that Christian Science and Christianity are one needs emphasis, for the professor or your reporter, like many other people, seems to think that Christian Scientists regard their beliefs as something new. God's laws may be new to our consciousness, but the laws themselves cannot be new; they have always existed. Nobody pretends that the law of gravitation did not exist before its discovery by Newton.

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