It is several years since I came to Christian Science for...

It is several years since I came to Christian Science for help for our little boy, who was suffering from what was called a diseased condition of the mastoid, after having a gathering in each ear. He also had a throat affection, although both tonsils and adenoids had been removed. I visited a Christian Science practitioner the day before he was to be operated on for the ear trouble, and he slept soundly all night, something he had not done for several weeks. The doctor pronounced him so much improved the next day that he did not operate. After about a week's treatment all soreness to touch left entirely and he seemed to be absolutely well, but at the end of two weeks a large swelling suddenly appeared behind the ear, and the family became greatly alarmed; consequently he was immediately taken to the physician, a well-known specialist of San Francisco, who operated at once. His own statement of the case told how the work had already been done, a small hole having been bored (as it were) in the bone behind the ear, through which the secretion had escaped, running down between the skins of the neck and thus causing the swelling which so suddenly appeared.

Christian Science treatment was begun again after the operation, and the dressings of the wound, which to material sense would have been very painful, were accomplished without any suffering, much to the wonder of the physician. Today the little fellow is well and strong, and is learning to help himself through his understanding of Science. He has overcome for himself a disordered stomach, which lasted about three days, asking me only once for help, which was given him. Other than that he did his own work, I being careful to keep my thought free from any sense of fear or anxiety.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science was brought to my attention by a friend
July 29, 1916

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