No Real Resistance to Truth

What is this apparently instinctive resistance to truth so often exhibited by human beings? Why is there seeming need for sad experience and for the trials of time? The Jews, for example, both ignorantly and maliciously labored to reverse the healing of the man born blind by reviling him and finally casting him out. Christian Scientists observe similar attacks made upon their healing works. Whence do such strange and evil efforts spring? Let us put this resistance to the test and unmask the hidden methods lying latent in mortal consciousness.

Tell the proverbial man on the street, wholly uninstructed in Christian Science, of a case of physical healing by this spiritual method and what will be the probable result? He will most likely deny the healing altogether. It may be that politeness will prevent him from uttering this denial, but at least he will be inclined to think it. This is done instinctively by mortals, but this instinct proceeds from the supposititious arch evil which induces the denial; namely, from that counterfeit of the divine Mind which Mrs. Eddy has so aptly termed mortal mind, and which Jesus without circumlocution called a liar. It is original sin, or the belief of life in matter, alias mortal mind, which thus speaks its denial of truth through the persona or mask of a mortal; therefore the scientific Christian is not surprised at this attempted maneuver of reversal. He recognizes that it springs from the very nature of supposititious fundamental evil. He is aware of the intent of mortal mind to save itself and its works by denying the potency of Truth, and he handles this error of so—called reversal with certainty by realizing God's omnipotence.

Among the Churches
July 29, 1916

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