The editor was asked one day if he was a Christian Scientist

Mount Kisco (N. Y.) News

The editor was asked one day if he was a Christian Scientist. On giving a negative reply he was propounded a second question, "Do you believe that a Christian Science practitioner ever effected a cure?" This question we answered affirmatively, when a third was asked, "How do they do it?" This time we could only answer the questioner by calling his attention to the fact that a man who was blind from birth, after his sight was restored by Christ Jesus, was asked by his friends the very same question, and he replied, "One thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see." The knowledge of how a cure can be effected has not been given the writer, but from the statements made by those who have been healed we believe a cure was had, and we have no more right to question the word of a person who declares he was healed by Christian Science than we have to dispute the gospel story of the blind man who was healed.

When we approach a Christian Scientist and ask for an explanation, he points out that God is the source of all good, that the absence of good is evil, sin, and that sin results in death. Define darkness, analyze darkness, and the result is absence of light. This is an incontrovertible fact. We do not necessarily align ourselves with the Christian Scientist when we declare that we do not know; at the same time we realize that man is but the creature, and it would be presumptuous for the creature to attempt to circumscribe the power of the creator; and if the creator has revealed Himself and His plan more vividly to some searching mind than to us, we dare not say that such a one is not in harmony with his conception of the power and majesty of the author of all good. Who am I that I should judge the thoughts of my neighbor?

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