Several years ago I had an experience which convinced...

Several years ago I had an experience which convinced me of the power of Truth, as set forth in the writings of Mrs. Eddy, to heal mortal ills. At that time I was a passenger conductor in the service of one of the large railway companies and had for many years run on one of its heaviest passenger trains to and from a division station about three hundred miles west of here in Kansas.

My train arrived in Kansas City several hours late one stormy day in midwinter, and I retired soon after reaching home. On attempting to get up the next morning, I found myself unable to do so. One half of my body was helpless; I had no use, no control of it. As the condition had not improved after a few hours, a Christian Science practitioner was called in and treatment began at once. Improvement was noted in a few days, and in a few weeks I was able to walk. In about two months I went back to work, and continued to perform all the duties of a hard—working passenger conductor for about six years, running as regularly as any of my fellow conductors. In October, 1912, the company retired me on my seventieth birthday, that being the age limit of its employees.

Testimony of Healing
I first came in contact with practical Christianity several...
July 29, 1916

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