There is nothing whatever in the nature of pretense in...

Occult Review

There is nothing whatever in the nature of pretense in Christian Science. Either one does understand it or he does not. He who understands the divine Principle of Christian Science and abides by the rules laid down, cannot fail in demonstrating this knowledge in healing sickness and destroying sin. The power that heals is the power of Truth, and any one who makes an unbiased study of the subject may gain an understanding of the truth which will make him free. The working out of a sum in arithmetic depends on the mathematical understanding of the student. It is precisely the same with a student of Christian Science. Christian Scientists do not worship Mrs. Eddy, and they do acknowledge Jesus the Christ as the Wayshower.

The letter closes with the words, "Owing to the fraud of Christian Science, we, the real healers, are driven out of business." This is a very poor excuse for the critic's failure. Christian Science teaches that Truth is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. Those who practise this teaching cannot be driven out of business.

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