I was brought up in the Jewish faith, and during my early...

I was brought up in the Jewish faith, and during my early years was a faithful follower of that religion, but as I grew to manhood, not being able to get a satisfying understanding of God thereby, I gradually fell away until I had no religion left. After several years of doubt and despondency as to whether there really was a God, I was taken suddenly ill with mental trouble and was removed to an asylum. For the next thirteen years I remained a mental wreck, with here and there a few months of patching up through change of climate and other material means, but only to be thrown back to the old hopeless condition. At last, after much suffering, I was given up by the best medical authorities as hopelessly incurable, the chief physician telling my wife that I would never do another day's work.

At this point (August, 1913) a neighbor mentioned Christian Science to my wife and advised her to try it on my behalf. Treatment was commenced on a Friday, and on the following Monday I was able to begin my business, although I did not do it all at once, but gradually as my healing came. I was also frequently ill with severe headaches, which made me useless for the rest of the day, but these have been overcome. Glasses which I had been told would have to be worn constantly have been laid aside. I am also healed of the habit of smoking, and am thankful to say the healing has continued satisfactory and is permanent.

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April 15, 1916

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