I would commend to the attention of your readers a series...

Buffalo (N. Y.) Express

I would commend to the attention of your readers a series of sermons that the curate of Trinity Church is delivering on Christian Science. Whatever may be the opinion of the public regarding the singular doctrines or religious propaganda of Mrs. Eddy, it is a fact that the Founder of Christian Science was a remarkable woman. It is just as incontrovertible that the gospel of Christian Science meets and fills a human need which our orthodox Christian faith would not seem capable of meeting.

Our modern Christianity appears devoid of potentiality or of intrinsic virtue. Otherwise, how account for its anomalies, abuses, imperfections, and utter impotency — in so far as it affects and influences the lives and characters of its professed believers and adherents? How account for this present war, begun by professedly Christian nations, whose monarchs would pose as champions of the Christian faith? A religion so imperfect and anomalous stands self-condemned and face to face today with a rigid accounting for its raison d'etre. If the Christian church cannot account for its apparent inefficacy, it is time that it should confess itself an absolute failure and make room for some other and better way and means.

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