In reporting a critic's attitude toward Christian Science...

The Estherville (Iowa) Enterprise

In reporting a critic's attitude toward Christian Science it is stated that "comparisons were drawn between many of the statements of Christian Science and the plain teachings of the Bible," and that "the evasions, contradictions, and fallacies of the former were clearly shown." This critic may be honest and sincere in his presentation of the subject, but the fact nevertheless remains that he is either ignorantly or wilfully mistaken when he assumes that Christian Science in any degree evades or contradicts the plain teachings of the Bible. On the contrary, it may be stated with authority and without fear of successful contradiction, that Christian Science as set forth in the authorized literature is logical, reasonable, and satisfactory in the highest degree to people who have the intelligence and the courage to do their own thinking, of which class the Christian Science following is largely composed.

Humanity has become very tired of mere abstractions, and there is very little disposition at the present time to cling to outgrown theological ideas merely because of their antiquity. Superstition and intolerance are rapidly being relegated to the obscurity where they properly belong, and a reasonable and demonstrable religious teaching which meets the needs of humanity, not only in the matter of redemption and regeneration, but also in the physical healing, as Jesus and his disciples taught and practised, finds ready acceptance, not because of the need for a new religion, but because of the need for one that is provable.

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