The teachings of Christian Science are open and accessible...

The Pilot

The teachings of Christian Science are open and accessible to every one. Christian Science draws its inspiration from the same source as our evangelist critic does, and it leads to a humble endeavor to obey the golden rule and to meet the world's need in the way commanded by the Master. Surely there is strife enough in the world without deliberately going about it to set the worshipers of the one God at variance with one another, even though some of us think that when Jesus said, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel," "heal the sick," he meant that we should heal the sick as well as preach the gospel.

There was a time in the history of the religious thought of the world, when humanity was emerging from the shadows known as the dark ages, that an effective appeal was made to the masses through the agencies of fear and superstition. Happily that time is past, and the world today is finding its progress in discarding the terrible iniquities of the theology of the dark ages and going back to the simple precepts taught and practised by Jesus of Nazareth; and he who seeks the truths of Christian Science will find, as Mrs. Eddy says on page 43 of Science and Health, that "the final demonstration of the truth which Jesus taught, and for which he was crucified, opened a new era for the world."

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