I did not take up the study of Christian Science for...

I did not take up the study of Christian Science for physical healing, but because the various material theories I studied failed to offer adequate explanation of God and man, and it was just this which I so much desired. Previous to entering college, I became dissatisfied with the church of which I had been a member for years, because many of its teachings appeared illogical to me, and I determined to strike out in search of something that I could accept, for I felt such a religion existed. While in college I studied various subjects that I thought would give me some light, and entered into friendly discussion with my fellow students to see what they had to offer. During this time my thought was in a very turbulent condition, and I even doubted at times the very existence of God. I read all I could and continued my study for three years. These were years of searching, and when my last energies were being exhausted, Christian Science was presented to me.

I had made it a point to give each new subject a careful examination, but just at the time Christian Science was offered me, I was very busy, although I did go to the church services. After I had attended them for a few weeks, the smoking habit left me, and a bowel disorder of years' standing was rectified. This was before I had read Science and Health. These healings were very impressive to me, and I began to investigate for myself. It was not easy to throw overboard my previously conceived opinions and to become as a newborn babe, desiring "the sincere milk of the word;" but I knew this had to be done, and in so far as I have relinquished wrong thinking, just so far have I been changed physically, mentally, and spiritually. In the two years which have followed I have found in Christian Science that for which I was searching.

Testimony of Healing
When I first heard of Christian Science it was after years...
April 15, 1916

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