Regardless of what one may think of Christian Science as a...

Fort Wayne (Ind.) News

Regardless of what one may think of Christian Science as a whole, an honest investigation of it will start one's mental machinery in motion. I have been studying this system of religion for the past three months (the explanation of my restless pen's quietude), and I discover that most of us have formed wrong opinions relative to it. I never gave the subject much thought heretofore, but the fact that the Christian Scientist believes he heals the sick in the same manner that Christ Jesus healed them, awakened sufficient interest in me to investigate. Some of the ideas set forth by Mrs. Eddy in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" on the subject of sickness are impressive to us who have thought we had faith in God, who believe that we were made in God's image and that He is all powerful.

So far as I can see it, there may be more real truth in this system of religion than we usually ascribe to it; but if its claim in regard to sickness is true, it would be foolish for us unacquainted with its teachings to give up the use of drugs and depend on God alone to heal us of what we believe to be dangerous diseases. For the Scientist believes the word faith means not only absolute trust, but understanding as well. That is, one must understand to some extent the Science of being as set forth in Christian Science, to be able to have sufficient faith in God to destroy evil and sickness. But a true Scientist—one who knows and believes that the real and eternal things are spiritual and not material; that all is Spirit, God, Mind; and is not beclouding his spiritual understanding and power by sin, error—is able to heal the sick whether the sick understands as he does or not.

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