It is a pleasure to undertake to answer "Bible Student,"...

Omaha (Neb.) Bee

It is a pleasure to undertake to answer "Bible Student," inasmuch as a scholar is always interested in logical sequence and is not averse to breaking away from interpretations which have only age to commend them. His premise occurs last, therefore we will begin at the bottom of the article and read up. Premise: Adam's transgression brought sin and death into the world, thereby making necessary a redeemer, and Mrs. Eddy attempts to show "that the Bible story of the fall of Adam was a lie."

Now, if we shatter the premise, it is going to make trouble for the conclusion, is it not? That two and make five is a lie, but the child who makes the mistake is not a liar. That the Bible records the lie about man reflects only upon us if we fail to grasp the significance of the spiritual and material accounts of creation, the true and the false, the good and the evil.

Spurious Literature
September 11, 1915

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