Withholding Does Impoverish

In Science and Health (p. 79) Mrs. Eddy says, "Giving does not impoverish us in the service of our Maker, neither does withholding enrich us." From time immemorial people have caught glimpses of the wonderful truth contained in this statement, but until our Leader discovered the scientific law of Love that governs this saying, few people really understood true giving. The Bible records several incidents which proved that giving did not impoverish, but these demonstrations were wrought only by people who lived in close communion with God. An illustration of one of these incidents was "the barrel of meal" and "the cruse of oil," neither of which failed, but abundantly supplied every need of the woman who was willing to be guided by the law of Love and give of what she had. She knew Elijah was a man of God, and therefore fully trusted in his ability to demonstrate sufficient substance to meet the demand for harmony. This Elijah did by realizing that in God's kingdom the law of Love is ever operative and always produces an abundant supply. Through this spiritual realization he proved that substance is not in the material, and that God's kingdom is on earth as in heaven.

A story is told of a miserly man who once caught a glimpse of the law of Love. A church brother came to his home one day and asked him to contribute a ham for a church festival, as the proceeds from these festivals were the only means by which this particular church was maintained. The man sat quietly for several minutes, with a stern look on his face, apparently engaged in a mental struggle. Then the stern expression suddenly changed to one of determination. He arose, went to his storeroom, brought in a ham, gave it to the brother, went back and brought in another, and again went back and brought in a third. Then he said to the miserly thought, "Let me go, or I will give every ham in the storehouse." Through this man's determination to do right the desire to withhold was broken, and he was afterward a happy and useful citizen.

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September 11, 1915

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