Christian Science: Its Truth and Value

Christian Science is a way of living and thinking that finds its chief inspiration, its perfect illustration, as well as its complete proof, in the teachings and example of Jesus. It reveals, awakens, and develops the God-given possibilities that exist latently in every one. It shows how to throw off the inabilities, the disabilities, and the liabilities that have been imposed upon men by ages of wrong thinking, and how to gain true manhood. Its aim is not to prepare people for a heavenly hereafter, but to transform their present experience into health and harmony. It inculcates godliness, makes known the power thereof, and emphasizes the present effects no less than the enduring results of right thinking and right doing.

Christian Science changes its students into better men and women by giving them true motives, pure desires, and absolute ideals, by discovering to them the deceptive nature of evil impulses and the source and power of good thoughts. In like manner this Science equips its students for the cure and prevention of disease. It teaches them to analyze the conflicting elements of human consciousness, and to maintain the true sense of being against the false sense of disorder, thus destroying the essential cause of disease and establishing the conditions of health. So also the power of infinite Mind, acting with true thoughts, or truth, is found to be available in every case of human need. As the psalmist said, "His truth shall be thy shield and buckler."

July 3, 1915

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