Health Contagious

The belief that evil is contagious is firmly rooted in the thought of most people, whether it relates to moral or physical conditions. There are of course many theories as to so-called contagious diseases, but all are based upon the supposition that disease is an entity, expressing itself through well-defined laws both in acute and chronic ailments. It is therefore held to be positive, not merely negative.

It is hardly necessary to explain that Christian Science rejects this supposition, on the ground that disease is no part of man's being, even when humanly considered. At most it can only be regarded as a negation, and it is thus dealt with in Christian Science. The strange thing is that disease has been assigned more power by general belief than has health, for whoever heard of bringing a well person into proximity with a sick one for the benefit of the latter? On the contrary, it is almost universally believed that disease is communicable and that health is never so, from which point of view disease would be positive and health negative.

Among the Churches
June 19, 1915

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