With much gratitude in my heart, I want to tell of one of...

With much gratitude in my heart, I want to tell of one of the instances we have had in our family of the proof of God's care. In the summer of 1912 our little summer home was struck by lightning, the frame of the door being pushed out about six inches from the wall, while its top board was sent clear across the room and a great ball of fire shot through the wall at the side. Although I was sitting beside the closed door, I was unharmed. Another member of the family was lying down in one of the upper rooms, and the bed on which she was lying was struck, two of the casters being knocked off, but she was not harmed. Many articles were blown from their places and a lamp was overturned, but nothing was broken except a few panes of glass.

Before this seeming visit of error, one of us had been declaring the truth, and we had just heard the lesson on Life. This is only one of the many convincing proofs we have had of Love's protecting power. Among the physical ills met and mastered, I may mention neuralgia, croup, nervous exhaustion, and a growth on the breast. These have all been overcome by a knowledge of Truth as revealed in Christian Science.—Mary E. Boyd, Washington, D. C.

From Our Exchanges
May 29, 1915

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