My attention has been drawn to your report of a sermon...

The Kingston (Jamaica) Chronicle

My attention has been drawn to your report of a sermon delivered at Philadelphia in which the speaker jeered at Christian Science. Since the healing of Naaman, who was afflicted with leprosy, as related in the fifth chapter of II Kings, was contrasted in the sermon with Christian Science healing, I trust you will permit me to reply accordingly.

It is to be observed that Naaman expected Elisha to use a ceremony or rite as the means of healing, and he was not content with less than an outward act which typified his cleansing. So also the minister who spoke against Christian Science at Philadelphia, appealed to the popularity of material habits of thought by deriding the possibility of healing by "absent treatment." The method of Christian Science healing is, indeed, wholly spiritual and invisible. It requires neither physical act nor personal contact. It invokes solely the power of God, and acts only through divine law. But this does not mean that it is ineffectual; and for Christians these facts should be consistent with the presence, power, and activity of the healing agent which Christ Jesus defined as "the finger of God."

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