"Now is come salvation"

One of the richest fruits of Christian Science is its revelation of the practical working out of divine law as applied to human existence. Through its interpretation of the Scriptures we are able to realize that the atonement on Calvary was for the world's present benefit; that Jesus drank the bitter cup that redemption might be of instant avail to repentant sinners, and that divine forgiveness and all the joys of at-one-ment with the Father might be experienced by those who truly seek. Are we not told by Christ Jesus that those who seek shall find, and to those who knock it shall be opened?—not only in "the world to come," but in the world that today is, the world that is our heaven if we but ask and are ready to receive.

Science and Health makes it very plain that regeneration need not be delayed until the last trump; that the new birth is possible to the individual today just as it would have been possible to Nicodemus of old, had he been able to understand the words of the Master; and that this new birth accomplishes all we had hitherto assumed to be deferred until the soul had been released from its mortal habiliments. In this new aspect our every-day life becomes the embodiment of peace and happiness. We put off only the discordant; we take on the harmonious. We still have an active interest in the better phases of worldly affairs; only sordid passions and erroneous beliefs have lost their appeal. Now we search the Scriptures because it is a pleasure rather than a duty, and each precept and promise reveals new significance.

Guarding Our Thought
May 29, 1915

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