The kindly tone of the editorial on Christian Science in...

The Fraternal Union

The kindly tone of the editorial on Christian Science in your February issue is appreciated by all Christian Scientists who read the article. The writer of the article, however, confuses Christian Science healing by prayer with autosuggestion, or hypnotism, with which it has nothing in common. In Christian Science, the healing of sickness and sin is accomplished through the power of God, the same as Jesus and his disciples healed.

Autosuggestion, or hypnotism, is the belief that the human mind is a healer by means of which one human mind can rob another mind of its individuality and thus dispossess it of the errors of thought which may be depleting the body. Upon reflection it will be granted that no human mind is absolutely pure and free from sin and evil, so that the mind that projects its thought into the consciousness of another may be, and usually is, crowding out one erroneous state of thought only to have another, and perhaps greater, take its place. The process is merely a battle of conflicting and erroneous thoughts, the stronger retaining the field, the weaker pushed into the background but not destroyed. Since this is accomplished through the force of human will, a relapse inevitably occurs as soon as the external pressure is removed, and "the last state of that man is worse than the first."

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