Nothing could purchase the blessings and comfort which I have experienced since coming into Christian Science. I think one of the most wonderful things which has been revealed to me through its teachings is the power of thought, and that the importance of right thinking cannot be over-estimated. In Proverbs we read, "In all thy ways acknowledge him (God), and he shall direct thy paths."

I would like to mention an experience with regard getting my son into a bank, and to show what an important part Christian Science played in the matter. The boy had to present a certificate from the principal of the college, one from a doctor, and one from a clergyman. He did not, however, have one from the last, as we were not acquainted with one. The certificates from the schoolmaster and the doctor were sent to the local bank manager, but when he discovered that there was nothing from a clergyman, he telephoned to the schoolmaster and asked him the reason, in reply to which he was told that the boy was following the teachings of Christian Science. When the bank manager heard this, he told the schoolmaster that he was afraid it would be of no use to send in an application to the head office in London. The following morning he sent for me. I went up to the bank and had an interview with him, in the course of which he brought up the question of Christian Science, saying he felt sure it would be of no use to send in an application to headquarters; that he considered the following of Christian Science by my boy would debar him from taking the examination prior to receiving an appointment in the bank. When I asked him why, he said that Christian Scientists were looked upon as peculiar people. After about a half-hour's conversation, he concluded by remarking that unless my son could say that he was quite willing to give up Christian Science and would follow the teaching of another church instead, he felt it would be of no use to send in the application.

It Is Well with the Child
December 11, 1915

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