Rules and By-laws

At some point in the experience of the beginner in Christian Science there comes to him the desire to join The Mother Church, and also his local branch church. This action impels an investigation of motives, and if the desire is not a self-seeking one, but rather that he may help in the orderly growth of our beloved cause, he will find many ways in which he may be made useful.

If he would properly fulfil the duties of membership, it is necessary for the beginner to study the Church Manual, also the government and rules of his branch church as found in its constitution and by-laws. In studying its government, he finds that, as Mrs. Eddy says, "the Magna Charta of Christian Science means much, multum in parvo,—all-in-one and one-in-all. It stands for the inalienable, universal rights of men. Essentially democratic, its government is administered by the common consent of the governed, wherein and whereby man governed by his creator is self-governed. The church is the mouthpiece of Christian Science,—its law and gospel are according to Christ Jesus; its rules are health, holiness, and immortality,—equal rights and privileges, equality of the sexes, rotation in office" (The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, p. 246).

Heaven Our Home
October 30, 1915

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