My attention has been called to a booklet which has been...

The Hopkinton (Iowa) Leader

My attention has been called to a booklet which has been circulated in your vicinity by an evangelist, and which presents a perverted and distorted interpretation of the teachings of Christian Science. I am also informed that this critic has taken occasion to preach against what he conceives Christian Science to be.

It is difficult for one who knows what Christian Science really teaches, to understand the reason for all this misdirected energy. It would seem to the casual observer that the same amount of effort expended in right directions would accomplish very much by way of good, whereas the sort of thing indulged in by the critic serves only to emphasize his ignorance of Christian Science, the study of which is at present engaging the respectful attention of hundreds of thousands of Christian people in this and other countries. The discussion of purely theological differences of opinion is vain and fruitless. There are more than one hundred and fifty denominations of the Christian religion, each based upon a real or fancied fundamental difference of belief. It stands to reason that the only power that can possibly overcome these differences of opinion, is the power of Truth, which is infinite and eternal, admitting of no variations.

January 30, 1915

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