Stumbling-blocks Removed

Many times I have been asked how one of the Jewish faith can consistently believe in Christian Science. I used to ask myself the same question, but since taking up the study of Christian Science this question has been satisfactorily answered. Christian Scientists do not worship the personality of Jesus of Nazareth, but they are grateful to him, and recognize him as the one commissioned to deliver the message of truth which the Bible teaches shall make us free. Christian Science has freed me from many misconceptions of man's nature and capacities, misconceptions which I as well as all mankind have held as realities. Among these are the following: the belief that there is real pleasure in drinking and smoking; that gambling is a good pastime; that lying, deceit, and selfishness are gainful; that revenge is satisfying; and that one needs to be subject to the material laws which mankind accept and fear.

When I learned through the study of Christian Science that I had been deceived by this misconception of what constitutes reality, I was then awakened to man's God-given dominion. This freed me from the bondage of fear, also from the influence of wrong thinking, which is destructive; and I began to be educated in right thinking, which is both instructive and constructive. Health then took the place of disease, success the place of failure, and harmony the place of discord. By putting these teachings into practice, I have been able to prove that instead of detracting from the teachings of Judaism, Christian Science will make one a better Jew. In place of the blind belief which I heretofore had, it has given me an understanding of what God really is, and of man's true relationship to his creator. Christian Science not alone does all this, but it also proves that when this understanding of God, divine Principle, is earnestly, honestly, and understandingly applied to our daily problems, it solves them here and now.

January 2, 1915

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