Consciously or unconsciously all men are seeking satisfaction, rest, harmony, peace; and this entitles them to our compassion. Peace on earth involves health of body, vigor of mind, and cheerfulness of spirit. There is but one way to attain this end. "Thou hast made me for Thyself, O God, and my soul can never find rest until it rests in Thee," cried St. Augustine, and it has been the cry of all men, everywhere and alway. "The whole creation groaneth," said St. Paul. To know God, to be acquainted with Him, through Christ, Truth, is to forsake the path of pain for the way of peace. As Job in the midst of his groaning prayed, "Oh that I knew where I might find him! that I might come even to his seat!" so do men pray today. Steadily and increasingly are members passing out from many Christian churches, and this exodus is not a desertion but a quest. Mrs. Eddy says, "Contentment with the past and the cold conventionality of materialism are crumbling away" (Science and Health, Pref., p. vii).

The writer of this article knows full well, from many years' experience, how the middle-age theology and ecclesiasticism still hold in partial bondage multitudes of patient, loving people who are looking and longing for the consolation of Israel, release from perplexing thought, a present heaven. In response, Truth is knocking at the door of this age. Christian Science, through its text-book, its services and lectures, encircles the earth with the living voice of Truth. It knocks at the door, and offers to the weary and suffering all the wealth of the infinite storehouse of omnipotence.

August 2, 1913

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