The statement in an address by a clergyman as quoted in...

Reading (Pa.) Eagle

The statement in an address by a clergyman as quoted in a recent issue, that Christian Science conforms to pantheism, is not only incorrect, but directly contrary to the fact. Pantheism is defined by the Standard dictionary as "the form of monism that identifies mind and matter, the finite and the infinite;" the theory that material beings and things are literally a part of the creator. Christian Science teaches exactly the opposite. It repudiates the notion of mind in matter, denies to the finite any place in or relation to infinity, and differentiates clearly between that which creates and that which is created. To say that the true creation is like its creator is not to say that they are identical, any more than to say a human son resembles his father is denying that they are two persons.

Christian Science if true is, of course, not new. Truth always was and always will be. Mrs. Eddy in her writings claims for Christian Science that it is a revival of primitive Christianity. The manner of its presentation to this age is all that is "modern" with regard to it.

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