[Translated from the German.]

I am one of the many who have experienced help through...

I am one of the many who have experienced help through Christian Science, and for this I give thanks to God. I also think of Mrs. Eddy with a sense of gratitude and reverence. In August, 1911, I suddenly became afflicted with a sore leg, so that I could not stand without its bending over. By the following day the diseased condition had extended to the knee. I had to submit to medical treatment at once, and the physician stated that the knee-joint had become affected. He prescribed various remedies, which I tried for eight weeks without being benefited. I applied to other physicians, had X-ray examinations made, and in fact did everything that was advised, yet to no avail.

This condition lasted three months, and I had given up all hope of ever being able to walk without a cane. Friends and acquaintances then advised me to try Christian Science. I had heard much of its blessed activities, but did not believe that a cure could be effected as far as my case was concerned, especially in view of the fact that the condition of my leg had not improved in the least. I am led to believe that it was due to divine Providence that I finally decided to try the healing efficacy of Christian Science for myself, as there was a change for the better with the first treatment, and after a week had elapsed I was able to walk alone, while the improvement continued daily. The healing was accomplished within a short time, and now I feel as well as I ever did in my life, and am very grateful for all the good that has come to me through Christian Science. I could tell of many other instances in proof that God's love and presence are manifest almost hourly, and I am deeply grateful to Him for inspiring our faithful Leader, who has shown us the way to Truth.

Testimony of Healing
After five years of intense suffering, from a very severe...
March 1, 1913

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