A deep sense of gratitude will not let me keep silent;...

A deep sense of gratitude will not let me keep silent; I feel I must give a testimony of my wonderful healing in Christian Science. In 1910 I was attacked with rheumatism, which came suddenly and was persistent; but hoping that it would pass off with a night's rest, I continued my work through the day, being greatly absorbed in my painting. I had, however, a distressing time all night, and the next morning I placed myself in the hands of a Christian Science practitioner. After three treatments I was so greatly relieved that I thought myself well and went out to do some errands, but after walking a few blocks something seemed to give way under my left knee, causing great suffering, and I weas obliged to be led home, where for three weeks I was under treatment. The healing was slow, but the gain seemed apparent, and I ventured out to church.

After this I was, however, obliged to walk with a crutch and could not go out for several weeks; then I walked with a cane, and I gradually came to feel that I could not walk without it, also that I could not expect at my advanced age ever to be as free, and especially to be able to do my summer work in the country, sketching from nature, which necessitates much physical and mental labor. I was letting myself drift into the old thought, but one afternoon I felt weary with my work and laid down my brush and took up The Christian Science Journal. The very first words upon which my eyes rested were these: "God is on the side of health." "Why, yes, I know it! I know it!" I said to myself, and I at once felt and realized it as I never had before. I knew that all the material remedies in the world were nothing compared to it, and I was well! All seemed light about me, the darkness and the sense of limitation were dispelled, and the terrible burden rolled away. The perfect joy and peace with which I was filled held me quiet for many moments, and this message which came to me when I was actually drifting back into the old thought, touched me very deeply. It seemed so altogether tender and loving in our heavenly Father-Mother God, that it was wonderful beyond expression and I knew that God was with me.

After a while a testimony I had read shortly before came to mind, in which the woman was healed in two treatments, without undergoing the operation which all the doctors she had consulted had told her was necessary to save her life. I then took some reading and went away off up-town. As I left my studio door, my hand went out instinctively for my cane, but "No!" I said, "God is my support." After the call I never walked faster in my life than I did to catch the cars, and the next morning I went up a flight of stairs naturally, which was a severe test, as before that the right foot had to do the work, it being agony to lift the left foot the natural way. I have been perfectly well ever since, and have returned to my New York studio after a hard summer's work outdoors. I am deeply, profoundly grateful, and I am realizing from day to day that there is only one way to show my gratitude, and that is as dear Mrs. Eddy has told us: "At all times and under all circumstances, overcome evil with good" (Science and Health, p. 571).

Testimony of Healing
I wish to give my testimony to what Christian Science...
March 1, 1913

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