After five years of intense suffering, from a very severe...

After five years of intense suffering, from a very severe and peculiar pain in my head, and many complications supposed to be caused by internal organic trouble, I was healed by Christian Science in October, 1909. I had tried different climates in Texas, staying a short while in a sanitarium, and had treatment from eight different physicians, among whom were specialists. At times I was not able to sit up, and in the fall of 1908, while staying at my sister's home, I became so discouraged that I did not know what to do, where to go, or where to look for help. My brother, of Nashville, Tenn., then wrote my brother-in-law to send me there, and he would see what could be done for me. While making preparations to go, I was suddenly taken very ill, which prevented my leaving for Nashville before March, 1909. For seven months I tried different physicians and specialists, who were very kind and did all they could for me. My brother is not a Christian Scientist, but his business partner is, and he sent the Sentinel and other literature for me to read. I was a church-member, but I read everything he sent, though partly as a matter of courtesy, as I did not seem to understand it and thought Christian Science to be something apart from God.

One Sunday morning my brother came to my room in a very discouraged state of mind, saying that it was no use to trifle about the matter any longer; that the doctors were at most giving me only temporary relief, and that I might be an invalid for life if I continued as I was. He also said that I should go to a Christian Science practitioner for treatment at once. After he left my room I wept, and prayed to God not to leave me, but to go with me and that I would see what Christian Science was; if it were not of God, I would steel myself against it and not be harmed. It can be imagined how differently I felt when the practitioner said to me that God loved me and did not want me to be sick.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a grateful heart that I add my testimony to...
March 1, 1913

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