Somewhat less than forty years ago an American lady,...

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Somewhat less than forty years ago an American lady, Mrs. Eddy, submitted to the public a metaphysical treatise dealing with the relation of man to his Maker. The unique characteristic of the work was the insistent and consistent adherence throughout to the Scriptural premises on which it was based,—the allness of God, Spirit, and man made in God's image and likeness,—and from that adherence its writer never swerved.

The full significance and far-reaching import of the logical conclusions from these premises are not reaily manifest to the reader who gives the book a casual and mayhap a hasty and somewhat careless perusal; and they are never visible to the critic who, from the view-point of opposition, allows his mental vision to be obscured and his judgment warped by an attitude of preconceived hostility to the writer and to the title and subject of her book. The truths involved are indeed slowly grasped in their entirety by the unbiased investigator who gives the book systematic study along with the Bible, and who is willing to make personal test of its statements by honest effort to reduce them to practise.

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