When in doubt and perplexity, knowing not which way to turn, and seemingly lost in the wilderness and chaos of mortal mind, we need only appeal to the divine Mind for guidance; for experience teaches that the human mind is no guide, but ever leads astray. Unerring guidance must always come from above the erring human mind, as the following incident will show.

A friend and I had been lost for three hours in a trackless mountain forest. Divine Science was then new to me; I had only glimpsed the teachings of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, which my mother had been studying for a year, but I had seen in reading the chapter on Prayer that it contained the truth and essence of Christianity. Now, bewildered and lost in the dark, silent forest, in which was neither life nor light, I stumbled on blindly, not knowing whither to go nor which way to turn, while my companion, I soon noticed, kept turning to the right, as erring mortal mind in its confusion leads lost people to do. I told him of this tendency, and he threw up his hands and with white, despairing face said: "Well, then, suppose you take the lead. I have not the faintest idea which way to go."

March 1, 1913

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