A recent issue of the Spokesman-Review, in reporting the...


A recent issue of the Spokesman-Review, in reporting the sermon of a prominent Methodist minister in your city, credits him with having declared that "the man who needs a doctor is the man in whose heart the plague of sin has left its mark;" that "Christ is the great Physician who has the infallible remedy which destroys the virus of sin," but that he believes in calling in a physician to prescribe for the diseases which he says "are but the symptoms of the disease of sins." The report also has it that he "explained" that he is neither "a Christian Scientist nor a faith-healer."

Whether our Methodist brother designated himself by this or that name is really not of so much importance as is his position on the subject under discussion. Indeed to the ordinarily well-informed his explanation is entirely unnecessary. However, for the benefit of those who may be misinformed or uninformed, permit me to say that Christian Scientists maintain that Christ, Truth, not only "has been," but is, the remedy for all sin, or error, and its concomitants, disease and discord of every name and nature.

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