Dr. D. R. Cameron, of the Tabernacle Baptist church,...

The Week

Dr. D. R. Cameron, of the Tabernacle Baptist church, has seen fit to preach a sermon on the subject of Christian Science. The sermon is an out and out denunciation of the Founder. The Week is not concerned to defend the character of Mrs. Eddy or the doctrines of Christian Science. A controversialist so unreliable with respect to his facts is not entitle to much respect when one comes to deal with his arguments.

Instead of raking up the alleged private details of Mrs. Eddy's life, Dr. Cameron would do better to address himself to the indisputable fact that Christian Science is making great strides in England, the United States, and Canada; that incidentally it is making serious inroads on the so-called orthodox churches; that whether it be a religion or a science or both, or neither, it is reforming and revolutionizing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. It is building churches everywhere, and they are filled. It is bringing comfort and hope into lives which have hitherto known nothing but gloom, and it is exercising successfully the most remarkable curative system of modern times. It would be at least as remarkable that such results should follow the teaching of woman as bad as Dr. Cameron makes out Mrs. Eddy to be, as it is, to quote his own words, "that God should have kept the world in ignorance of this teaching for six thousand years."

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