A report in a recent issue alleges that the Rev. R. J. Wade...

Elkhart (Ind.) Truth

A report in a recent issue alleges that the Rev. R. J. Wade earnestly championed "the ministry of pain" in his Sunday morning sermon. This in itself could not possibly be objectionable to Christian Scientists, if such are his views, had the gentleman not seen fit to depart from his text far enough to become a critic of Christian Science, gravely misrepresenting the true purport of that system of religious teaching.

Incidentally, Christian Science differs from the philosophy of our critic in regard to the office of suffering in the development of human character in this essential point: The gentleman would seem to have argued that suffering and affliction are the necessary steps to the development of the "graces of Spirit," whereas the Christian Scientist contends that if such untoward conditions do by chance befall the individual, they should be made stepping-stones to achievement, instead of stumbling-blocks,—this in conformity with that sublime outline of the divine economy couched in the Scriptural statement, "All things work together for good to them that love God." It would seem, therefore, that the Christian Science view of this questionable "ministry of pain" is more tenable, Scriptural, and far more comforting than that of our critic, so that his allusion to Christian Science as a glaring instance of extreme departure from his own outline of divine discipline was absolutely uncalled for, while at the same time his merciless arraignment of Mrs. Eddy and of her system of religious teaching and of Scriptural interpretation known as Christian Science, was all the more unkind and uncalled for.

"Wise as serpents"
October 11, 1913

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