A Messianic Mission

In a Literary Digest article on "The Function of the Poet in America Life," Edwin Markham says: "But if America has no spacious past, she has a spacious future. She has a Messianic mission to the nations of the earth. What poet's heart can fail to believe that she has been reserved to these later ages by the higher Power for some vast purpose, some transcendent manifestation. Here certainly is to be worked out the highest freedom the world has ever known."

This is a poet's prophecy, a poet's vision, and its fulfilment is not a far-off, future event, but a present realization, for the mission of Christian Science is wholly Messianic: it heals the sick raises those who are dead to things spiritual to that plane of consciousness in which they can discern the Principle of being—God. It gives to humanity an ever-increasing ability to demonstrate this Principle and to make manifest the regenerating, liberating power of Christ, Truth. To our age and to America was given this revelation, this Science of all science, this solution to the problem of being, this truth which is today working out "the highest freedom the world has ever known." Indisputable proof of this statement is before the world today, and this proof is open to all for investigation. The old-new freedom which divine Truth alone can give, is opening wide the doors to our "spacious future" and is gradually making of one people all the nations of the earth.

October 11, 1913

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