After many physical healings, and the moral and spiritual...

After many physical healings, and the moral and spiritual uplift which Christian Science has given me, I feel that it is time to relate these experiences for the benefit of others who may be suffering in a similar way. When I came to Boston, I had been suffering from severe attacks of hemorrhage from the throat. I had been treated under materia medica about three years, but had constantly grown worse. During all my first year here the attacks continued to grow more and more severe, and occasionally there would be a paralysis of some limb at a time when it was most necessary for me to be active. Because of my poor health my business ability degenerated until it was practically gone. Human knowledge was taxed to its utmost to help me; but it could not, and only made me and the circumstances which surrounded me more trying. The hemorrhages continued to grow worse, the paralysis became more and more pronounced, and under the terrible mental strain resulting therefrom I grew weaker and weaker.

Finally, after I had been in Boston nearly a year, I decided to try Christian Science, as everything else I had previously tried had failed me. I communicated with a friend from my home city, whom I knew to have been healed, and was directed how to start. I went to a practitioner immediately and began to take treatment. I soon realized in some measure the omnipotence and omnipresence of God, and was mentally at peace. After the first treatment, the hemorrhages were stopped for all time, never to return, and then the paralytic symptoms quickly vanished. I next experienced perfect health, such as I had never known before, and began to progress rapidly in my work, which I had practically been forced to leave on account of my physical disabilities. During my illness, and before I took up Christian Science, I had been troubled and worried by examinations which I had to take in connection with my business. I had been before the state board of examiners and failed, but after I had Christian Science treatment I went before the state board of appeal, tried the examination again, and passed. My failure the first time was due to my poor mental and physical condition, and my success the second time was because all my mental and physical disabilities had been entirely removed by Christian Science treatment.

Testimony of Healing
In Science and Health (p. 4) we read that...
November 30, 1912

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